Raze 3 Release Postponed to July 3rd

We are sorry to announce that we must delay the release of Raze 3 by one week due to unforeseen circumstances. We’re hard at work making Raze 3 the biggest and best in the series and unfortunately that means taking another week to polish it up. Thanks to everyone for being patient, the game will be out on ArmorGames and NotDoppler on July 3rd.


Edit: Clarification
All our previous shooters all took 4-5 months to complete. Because of how requested Raze 3 was, it was our goal to create it in only 3. We’ve been working nonstopĀ  (hence the lack of updates) to get this huge game done in this new, much shorter time frame. Though with the increase pace we’ve been working, we noticed a critical savedata bug the very moment before release which required the delay.


Perhaps we were a bit overzealous (or over-excited) trying to get this 4-5 month game done in only 3, but we’re still happy it’s going to be released in 3 (with a slight delay) rather than the full 4-5.


Delays are never fun, but I think anyone can agree that waiting 1 extra week is better than 1-2 extra months. :)