Major Updates

After weeks of hard work we’re happy to announce that Raze 3 is coming along great and has some pretty awesome additions. We’re in the final stages of development now and are focussing on finishing touches and balance.

However, we’re not yet ready to show off full gameplay just yet, so instead here’s some updates on some of the new awesome additions in Raze 3!

We know the more content, the better. As a result, here’s what you can expect in Raze 3:

* 50 weapons

* 14 abilities

* 18 perks

* 24 characters

* + More maps, game modes, missions, and achievements than ever.






Now you will be able to earn stars from missions based on your performance. Weapons and other items will automatically unlock when meeting their star requirements.

What this means is that while playing the game, there will always be new exciting equipment to check out, rather than getting everything all at once and watering down the experience.


The Armory


Screen 1


There are also some major improvements to how you’ll be able to customize your character and weapons.

Aside from the brand new armory layout that streamlines all the upgrades, we’re really excited about the new weapon upgrades.


The Upgrades


Screen 2


You will now have the option to fine tune every gun in the game to truly make it yours. Weapon upgrades can effect a weapons stats, but also give it additional functionalities like burst fire, homing, burrowing, etc. We absolutely love this feature, and think you will too .

Check back in the following days for further updates on gameplay!

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While working on a new ability, we ran into some… interesting bugs.



After using the new ability, the “player” became 1.8million pixels wide, just a little bigger than we wanted. :)