Strike Force Heroes 3: Update!

The game has been complete for a while now but is undergoing some rigorous testing to make sure it’s completely bug free for launch. Being one of the biggest games we’ve ever made, there’s quite a lot of testing to be had! We will, of course, give updates when we have a launch date, but for now… More features!


With 60 missions at 3 difficulty levels each, Strike Force Heroes 3 has the most missions (double) than any other game we’ve ever made!


We love weapons, you love weapons, everyone loves weapons! So now each mission/difficulty you complete has a unique reward for completing it. You may unlock a new class, a new blueprint (more on that below) or, on the later missions, a powerful, unique hero. If you were to replay older missions, you would get a random weapon every single time! No need to buy weapons anymore, you’ll be earning them automatically as you play!




The Workshop
In the workshop you will be able to upgrade any of your weapons. You’ll be able to upgrade a weapon 5 times to get an increase to all of its stats.


Also, completing missions will earn you blueprints. In the workshop you can build your blueprints to earn the weapon, and cause it start appearing in the shop, slot machine, and after matches.


Rather than bombard players with all the weapons at once, you’re now able to gradually unlock more and more weapon types as you play. This way you’ll constantly be getting access to new exciting weapons as you complete missions.




In addition to classes from our previous games, there are a few new ones. Without spoiling too much, here are two of them.


The Ninja:
Ninjas move in and out of the shadows, taking out their enemies quickly with close range combat. They can dodge projectiles, be permanently stealthed while out of enemy vision, or use smoke bombs to flee or engage in combat.


The Elite:
Elites are superior soldiers armed with experimental future technology. They excel in inflicting elemental effects with their beam weapons and ammo regeneration. Their Satellite Beam killstreak zaps and freezes every enemy on the field into a solid block of ice.


Closer to launch we’ll have our next update with gameplay coverage!


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