A Knight’s Quest: Spirit Shield

An ancient evil, a bold yet clumsy hero, a grand adventure, and a quest… with knights.


A Knight’s Quest is an action-adventure-RPG inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Metroid with an emphasis on humor, exploration, and combat. Over the course of the adventure you will discover new items and abilities that change the way you interact with the world, upgrade skills and weapons to suit your play-style. A Knight’s Quest is all about having a fun, light-hearted adventure and a worthy challenge.


It’s currently in Alpha development and will be on Kickstarter in October.
Platforms: Steam, with possible console releases shortly after.


Edit: We’ve gotten a publisher to help fund the game and will no longer be doing Kickstarter!
Also, the game has moved to the unreal engine.


For more information, head over to the official Knight’s Quest website:


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Adventure Awaits

As you’ve probably guessed, our next project will not be a free Flash game. Over the years we’ve been pushing the boundaries of what Flash can do. So we’ve finally decided to embrace our big projects and take the leap into a full PC game (with other consoles being a possibility). By leaving Flash, we are also leaving all the limits that came along with it. Now we can finally spread our wings and make something truly amazing.


Adventure awaits, will you be ready?


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Strike Force Heroes 3: Released!

With more than twice the content of any of our previous games, it is our pleasure to reveal Strike Force Heroes 3 to the world! Play it now on Armor Games and Not Doppler!


SFH3 represents some huge changes to the series so we’ve prepared a look back at the evolution of Strike Force Heroes over the years. Take a trip with us down memory lane…


A look at the evolution of the SFH soldier.

A look at the evolution of the SFH soldier.


A big influence on the art style of Strike Force Heroes has always been the Metal Slug series and SFH3 marks the biggest leap yet in that direction. Characters are less squat, have more realistic proportions, and brighter colors.


Strike Force Heroes 3 wasn't the first time we tried a new style.

Strike Force Heroes 3 wasn’t the first time we tried a new style.


While prototyping the camo system in SFH2, we experimented with a more “realistic” style for the game. We didn’t feel this really captured the essence of SFH and when these were scaled down for gameplay there were incredible performance issues so we had simplified the design.


Some ideas for SFH3 were attempted in SFH2, but cut.

Some ideas for SFH3 were attempted in SFH2, but cut.


We did some early concept work for SFH2 that included a sixth class (Spec Ops) as well as a female version of each class but this was cut due to the specific cast we needed for the story. However it was a big priority of SFH Extraction and SFH3 that we have a more diverse cast of characters.


The guns became more and more detailed as the series went on.

The guns became more and more detailed as the series went on.


Over the course of the series we’ve had to Google so many gun images that we must be on some kind of government list. The guns of SFH3 are the most detailed yet, right down to pistol slides locking back when firing or reloading. Our inspirations for guns come from all over the place but it wouldn’t be SFH without James Bond’s P99, Schwarzenegger’s Bazooka, or the Terminator’s Shotgun.


All the classes from SFH3.

All the classes from SFH3.


With eight classes in SFH3 as opposed to the five in SFH2, it was very important for us to have them all be identifiable with unique costumes and color schemes. Each class in SFH3 also has a “Unique” version, so be on the look out for some returning favorites!





There’s a lot new in SFH3 from the art style, to the revamped class system, to the way missions are handled. Our biggest influence was XCOM; we really wanted to give the feeling of managing a small army of diverse heroes that could represent you or your friends, rather than tie them to specific characters. We also wanted to give the player the freedom to bring whoever they wanted into battle, whether it’s a team of five snipers or a balanced squad of different classes.




One of our biggest requests has always been multiplayer. Unfortunately Flash is notorious for performance problems with real-time online games so to get around that you can now fight your friend’s squads! Simply customize your squad however you like and send your “Squad Code” to a friend and challenge them to beat your best soldiers!




We’re very excited to finally be releasing Strike Force Heroes 3. We hope you’ll have as good a time playing it as we did making it!


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