Strike Force Heroes 3: Revealed!

You’ve asked for it, so it’s finally coming!


We’ve been hard at work on Strike Force Heroes 3, and it will finally be here within the next few weeks. We’ve listened to your comments and have made a HUGE number of changes to the game. The result should be a great new experience while keeping the usual feel we’ve come to know and love.


Hero Management

New to SFH3 is the ability to recruit and manage your own heroes!
The heroes you recruit will each come with their own stats, perks, flaws, etc. Now each hero you recruit should feel very unique and have their own powerful bonuses.


With a whopping 8 classes, and over 100 perks/flaws/traits, no hero will ever be the same!


(Game is still work in progress, some content in image is not final)


New Day and Status system

Now that you can recruit large teams of heroes, you’ll also need to manage their stamina. Heroes that fight too many battles in a row may become tired or injured. Each battle you complete will progress the game by 1 day and slightly heal all heroes that weren’t in battle. Because of this, recruiting many heroes and swapping them in and out of battle is key to maintaining a strong and healthy team.


The Squad Screen

Through the squad screen you can select which heroes come with you into battle. This gives you a quick overview of your squad and allows you to swap heroes in before starting the mission.



(Game is still work in progress, some content in image is not final)


Squad Codes

With the new squad codes, you can now challenge your friends’ squads! Simply copy the squad code at the top of this screen, give it to a friend or put it as a forum signature, and your friends can use it to play against your squad in a custom game!


Other Additions

Because you create your own team, you are now able to switch between squad mates on the fly at any time during matches! Does your teammate have the flag but think you can run it better? Just take control of them at any time and run the flag yourself!


Rather than have to visit the shop multiple times, you’ll now constantly be getting free items and weapons as reward for completing missions!


There are many more exciting features, but they’ll be shown in more closer to SFH3′s release in the coming weeks.


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Raze 3 Released!

Now that it’s finally been released, you can play it in 2 locations:


Play Raze 3 at
Play Raze 3 at


Thank you all for your patience throughout the 2 delays. The delays may have felt annoying (we hated them too!), however they allowed us to fix some crucial bugs we found at the very last minute. We hope you enjoy this installment in the series. Although it may be your favorite or it may not be, we just hope you have a good time saving the world once again (or destroying it!).


Bad News

Unfortunately, we must once again push back the release of Raze 3 by one more week. We know you guys are excited, and to try and make it up to you we want to include as many of you in quickmatch as possible. We have included a list on the facebook post of the names we have included to this point.¬†If you don’t see your desired name included yet, post it in the comments and we will add as many more as possible! We appreciate the patience. We’re almost there.


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Raze 3 Release Postponed to July 3rd

We are sorry to announce that we must delay the release of Raze 3 by one week due to unforeseen circumstances. We’re hard at work making Raze 3 the biggest and best in the series and unfortunately that means taking another week to polish it up. Thanks to everyone for being patient, the game will be out on ArmorGames and NotDoppler on July 3rd.


Edit: Clarification
All our previous shooters all took 4-5 months to complete. Because of how requested Raze 3 was, it was our goal to create it in only 3. We’ve been working nonstop¬† (hence the lack of updates) to get this huge game done in this new, much shorter time frame. Though with the increase pace we’ve been working, we noticed a critical savedata bug the very moment before release which required the delay.


Perhaps we were a bit overzealous (or over-excited) trying to get this 4-5 month game done in only 3, but we’re still happy it’s going to be released in 3 (with a slight delay) rather than the full 4-5.


Delays are never fun, but I think anyone can agree that waiting 1 extra week is better than 1-2 extra months. :)